company history


2017 E-truck new in the program
2016 Klimaaktiv partnership
2016 mid-mounted motor with backpedal brake
new display
mid-mounted motor with 2 front chain rings
2016 Mini-Scooter new in program
2015 mid-mounted motor with force sensor (also retrofittable to special bikes)
2015 25 years company Schachner GmbH
2015 Solar grill new in program
2014 Brushless mid-mounted motor with torque sensor and backpedal brake (also retrofittable at special bikes)
Two-step automatic hub motor as front wheel or back wheel motor available
2013 Brushless mid-mount motor with chain drive directly on the rear wheel without diverting wheels
2012 Brushless three-phase current wheel hub motor with less weight, smaller dimensions, and less current consumption than direct current motor - series
2010 Sturdy LiFePo4 batteries with a long service life and reliability
2005 Change to NiMH batteries (better range at less volume and weight)
2002 First neodymium disc rotor wheel hub motor with a special toothed belt drive - new SMD technology electronics and 3 operating functions - series
1994 - 2000 Continuous improvements: Stronger motor, etc.
1993 First wheel hub motor - series
1992 Drive with chain and gear motor above the shift system in the rear wheel
1990 First electric bicycle retrofitting kit for existing bicycles (friction roller drive) - small serial production
1989 First participation in the "Austro Solar" electric rally (150 km across Austria)
1980 First electric bicycle - prototype without pedals

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